3 Must-Have Tools for a Profitable Small Farm

Being a farmer means more than operating a small operation. It’s a lifestyle. Early waking up, the first morning activities, the plan for the day, and the end of the day – all that makes living a special way of life. To be a farmer means enjoying being surrounded by activities you have throughout the day, by animals, nature, and goals that you want to achieve. 

If this work fulfills you, then being a farmer is your call. But if you were to ask farmers how easy it is to live and function the way they do, they would tell you it is easy for them. 

Besides love for the routine, what they do has been in practice for a long time. But to be a farmer means smart-planning, concrete activities, and even more, equipment that is needed and with which to function in the performance of duties effortlessly. 

  1. Utility Vehicle 

If your farm happens to be small enough but large enough that you need to carry anything more than yourself and a few tools, you’ll probably need a utility trailer is what you need. Just imagine how easy it would be to transport the feiemaskiner from one area to another. 

Like trucks, UTVs offer many of the same benefits, just at smaller expense and scale. They provide even more adaptability than a truck or UTV. With a fast hitch in the back and front, you can attach any category one implement you need, like a bucket in front of the mower, box scraper, mower, mulch finisher, or rear blade on the back.

  • Centrifugal fertilizer spreader

Maintaining a healthy crop takes only a lot of know-how, hard work, timing, and a good climate but also the precise (and apparently endless) application of the proper soil builder, seed, and chemicals. Every product you will apply will require a different spread rate. The annoying truth; too little won’t do the job, and too much is wasteful and could kill your crops. 

A proper sentrifugalspredere can apply just the right amount of product. The secret is to choose a model that comes with an adaptable spread rate setting to distribute the product uniformly and in accurate amounts to the center, right, and left; while distributing the right volume of your crop size. 

  • Front-End Loader Attachments 

Compact utility trucks can double as compact loaders. They won’t be as advantageous as a snøfresere Oslo mid-winter, but if you’re only using ads on the back of your truck, you’re only half productive.

And there are a plethora of utility loader attachments that will improve your on-terrain work. Move, scoop, and dump manure, rock, or soil with a material bucket. You can even install a pallet fork to move pallets and other bulky items. Or why not combine your forks with a bucket to better handle loose, large loads. Too much brush or timber, a debris grapple will let you easily move all that into one mound.

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