4 ways to use ribbons to beautify your appearance

Being fashionable has never been easier than now. Today we have multiple accessories to rely on for the simple purpose of looking better and modifying our appearance. And luckily, most of these accessories are incredibly affordable and versatile. Ribbons, for instance, can truly change how good an outfit will look by their simple integration into it. Fashion addicts certainly master the art of integrating these simple elements into their outfits and completely transforming those. Below are more ways in which you could use the simple ribbon to beautify your appearance.

Ribbon sandals

Gladiator sandals will always be in trend. However, if you want to change a little the appearance of a simple pair of gladiator sandals, you can simply modify how they look by replacing the leather straps with some affordable ribbons in a colour which you prefer. Alternatively, you could simply wrap ribbons around the leather straps, for a combined effect. This type of sandal can be best worn with a loose, white dress for a relaxed and summery look.

Create ribbon geometrical patterns

For those with some basic sewing skills, customizing basic clothing articles with ribbons is a great way to upgrade their wardrobe. A good example is using some colourful pieces of ribbon and creating a simple yet colourful geometrical pattern on a simple black tee.

Ribbon suspenders are a great choice

When you get tired of your classic suspenders, try to replace those with some chick and colourful pieces of ribbon. There are two options. You can either replicate the suspender look by simply sewing two pieces of ribbon on a tee or you can use your well-developed DIY skills to replace the elastic band on old suspenders with some long pieces of ribbon. Either way, you will completely transform your look by using these elements.

Ribbon collar

Some white simple shirts can be completely changed by attaching some black ribbons around their collar. This will create a vintage look with quite of a success and it will change how your entire outfit looks. Make sure to consider this option when you run out of new clothing articles to wear.

These are some simple and versatile ideas that can be easy to replicate at home. You will only need some ribbon at your choice and some spare minutes during the afternoon. The impact will be an incredible one and you won’t have to constantly spend on new clothing articles.


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