Asprey Fern Necklace

The Asprey Fern Necklace is one of the most stunning and dramatic jewelry pieces on display this year. Asprey has been making luxury jewelry for over two hundred years, and besides being commissioned to create crowns and coronets for various families, the brand is also a retailer of luxury goods like leather bags and accessories, silverware, books and timepieces. This experience is easily recognizable in the necklace we discuss today, a necklace which combines delicate lines with powerful royal symbolism.

The first feature that strikes about the Asprey Fern Necklace is that it is shaped like two branches of fern twirled around the back and bound together in the front. Curiously, the necklace slightly resembles the laurel wreath that heroes of the Roman Empire wore. This particular collection also has a similar Fern bracelet, and a pair of emerald earrings that match the emerald pendant on our necklace.

The Asprey Fern Necklace is made entirely from platinum shaped like intertwined branches; the delicate leaves of the fern are adorned with emeralds and diamonds, the latter representing the front ends of the branches. In order to confer depth and texture to the jewel, the artisans who created it also finished the platinum with rhodium highlights. Together, all these features combine to create a very realistic necklace, one that seems freshly taken out of a magical garden. The center piece of this exquisite jewelry is the pear-shaped emerald that serves as pendant. Set in platinum with pave diamond and tiny emerald leaves, this spectacular emerald pendant is removable, so one can wear the necklace with or without it, depending on preference or occasion.

The diamonds and emeralds of the Asprey Fern Necklace make a youthful combination, and this stiff bib-like accessory is not something you see every day, even in the world of high-end jewelry. Furthermore, the color combinations make it lovely to wear with almost any type of elegant dress, especially those with a wide cleavage or completely sleeveless. This is a statement piece, which is why when you wear it, it should be the focus of the entire outfit, and everything else should be chosen according to its lines. Nevertheless, any type of woman can wear it because it is both youthful and elegant, and the colors match any type of skin or any hair color. This is truly a great example of the craftsmanship and talent at Asprey.

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