Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine

If you want to purchase impressive jewelry for yourself or for someone dear, Asprey is one of your best choices, because they’ve been making luxury accessories since 1781. Today we’re going to present the Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine, which is just one of the versions of this exquisite jewelry inspired by the Windsor Castle. This piece of jewelry is set in 18 carat white gold, and the other version features purple stones and diamonds. The piece we discuss is a bit more discreet and delicate because, though it has basically the same shape and setting, it features amethysts in watery blue colors.

The Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine is a round, classical necklace, but its links and stone settings look like squares with rounded corners; this makes for a very interesting and sweet appearance, and the links that connect the stones were inspired by the “Imperial Gates” of the Windsor Castle. One could say that the purple variant is more royal-like, because purple is known to be the color of royalty. But truth is the Aquamarine is just more beautiful and distinguished without even trying. Another aspect that makes this necklace really special is the fact that the links are created in such a way that the clasp is not visible and the design is not discontinued.

It must be mentioned that the Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine, like most accessories from this brand, is a highly luxurious piece, so not everyone can afford it. It is also a very elegant piece, a more mature jewel with a rather restrained and symmetrical lines and design. The necklace features eleven amethyst stones of different sizes, in a lovely and mesmerizing aquamarine color that matches the pave diamonds splendidly. The piece is covered with pave diamonds, so the amethysts and the links that tie them are completely covered in sparkling white diamonds.

This type of necklace is best suited for elegant events, but it can be both a daytime accessory and an evening accessory with its light and pure colors. Thus, you can wear it either with a skirt costume, or with an evening dress. Since it is not too dramatic, the Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine can also be worn with other jewelry without fearing you’ll overdo it. In fact, there is also a pair of earrings from this collection which would only complete the theme and make an outfit stand out.

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