Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace

Bvlgari is one of the few brands that need no introduction, simply because everyone is familiar with at least one of their product lines. Besides jewelry, Bvlgari also produces leather goods, accessories, watches, fragrances and others. The jewelry made by Bvlgari is always in the center of attention, and the designers and artisans employed here really know how to follow the trends and make modern and accessible jewelry for all tastes. In what follows we are going to take a look at the Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace, a truly youthful and colorful accessory for summertime dresses.

The Mediterranean Eden collection features colorful and bright gemstones in purple, orange, pink, green, blue or purple, in striking and optimistic combinations. The general feel of the collection, which also contains rings, earrings and bracelets, is relaxed but striking, and the daring combinations of color make these accessories very dramatic and original pieces. The Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace is made from 18 carat yellow gold and there are two versions. The first version is made from tear-shaped links paved with diamonds and linked between each other with tiny golden spheres and precious stones after each two links.

What makes this version of the Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace special is that instead of a pendant or a centerpiece, it has two hanging links adorned with gemstone flowers and rounded, oval gemstones. The stones that it is adorned with are sapphires, peridots, diamonds, pave diamonds and rubellites. The peridots and rubellites are found all over the length of the necklace, and in the front, where the flowers and links hang, and the bold color combinations make for a very special sight. This collection is all about trying something new, something fresh and moving away from classical or traditional lines and colors.

The other version of the Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Necklace is also made from yellow gold, but it features corals, peridots, diamonds and pave diamonds. Corals are a very popular and precious material, and their bright colors make for spectacular jewelry. This necklace has a more classical look because it is made from chain links, featuring a large pendant and green peridots across its length. The pendant, which is the attraction of the piece, is large and dramatic, and it features pink coral stones with pave diamond highlights and peridots. This is truly a remarkable piece, and Bvlgari proves you can look casual while still wearing luxury jewelry.

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