Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace

Every woman loves to accessorize, because jewelry makes us feel more beautiful and it completes our outfits and appearance. Moreover, jewelry can be a statement, as it can say something about who someone is, or what they are like. A piece of jewelry that really makes a statement and is at the same time delicate and elegant is the Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace, a very special luxury accessory made from 18 carat yellow gold. However, its special design makes it appropriate for casual or daytime outfits as well, because it is made from chain links and is 35.10 inches long.

The Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace could also be worn in combination with similar hanging necklaces, and its yellow golden color doesn’t make it look too pretentious. What is special about its design are the four gold “pearls” positioned at equal distances from each other and separated by four antique bronze coins positioned similarly. The dramatic darkness and opaqueness of the bronze coins against the shining gold is very beautiful, and the antique feel make it a bold and interesting jewelry. The bronze coins are fixed in round gold settings, and the necklace manages to look vintage and modern at the same time.

It is true that the Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace could be combined with other necklaces or chains, but they should be made from yellow gold as well, and they shouldn’t take the attention away from it. Nevertheless, this necklace can simply be worn by itself, either with elegant dresses or with more casual outfits. Because it is delicate and thin, other accessories can be added to the outfit as well, preferably made from combinations of yellow gold with black gemstones.

You can wear your hair down when wearing the Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace, because it is definitely not one of those red-carpet or royal event accessories. But the artistry and know-how at Bvlgari match those of other luxury jewelry makers, because this piece is unique and its original design makes it very attractive. Don’t hesitate to purchase this necklace or something similar, because hanging necklaces are very popular this year. A reason for that is because they are so versatile, and they seem to transform depending on the outfit you wear it with. Whether you’re wearing a silk blouse with straight pants and high heels or an evening dress with elegant design, this necklace will look good without being overly flashy.

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