Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace

Chanel is a trademark of elegance and refinement, and their jewelry is always surprising and impressive, either through its complexity and craft, through its modernity or its classicism. Other products of the brand are just as coveted and admired, and their clothing, fragrances, makeup products, watches and accessories are trend-setters every year, invariably. Celebrities are always seen wearing Chanel, and it is a matter of pride to own at least a few pieces from this French manufacturer. In what follows we are going to focus on the jewelry collections at Chanel, precisely the Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace, one statement piece that everyone will love.

The designers and artisans at Chanel know how important the materials you use are, which is why they only work with the best precious metal alloys and the perfect gemstones. The Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace however, is only made from 18 carat yellow gold, because the main attraction here is the design. The necklace is composed from gold rings of various sizes, from very large to very small, and from delicately crafted and intricately designed gold roses. The roses have the same thickness as the rings; they are flat and look like a two-dimensional representations of roses with their curled and delicate petals. The romantic nature of this necklace makes it a great Valentines gift for her. However, few men can afford to present their partners with gifts as exquisite as the Camélia Sautoir Necklace. Nevertheless, if you are a man who is looking for a Valentines gift, you can at least inspire yourself from this necklace’s design and look for a similar jewelry piece. You can also find more ideas if you visit this link

The Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace has a modern and bold design, and its asymmetry is what makes it look so unique. The rings and roses seem to be tied to each other randomly either in bunches or alone, with roses scattered here and there. One could almost say that the necklace is of hippie inspiration with its disdain for symmetry and its optimistic and vivacious shapes and shine. Therefore, it is more appropriate for casual or daytime outfits, but the gold can match any colors or patterns, and it would fit both a pant outfits and a skirt or dress outfit.

The small and large golden circles, the flowers and the roses truly make this necklace a happy and unconventional, and you can also wear other golden jewelry with it without problems. The Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace is versatile and light, so you can wear it with a summer dress, with a business suit, and even with an evening dress at a party. Nevertheless, all eyes will be on you and your special, interesting and beautiful accessory that has the ability to transform every outfit you wear it with.

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