3 Must-Have Tools for a Profitable Small Farm

Being a farmer means more than operating a small operation. It’s a lifestyle. Early waking up, the first morning activities, the plan for the day, and the end of the day – all that makes living a special way of life. To be a farmer means enjoying being surrounded by activities you have throughout the […]

Trendy accessories for a modern woman

Nowadays women do not wear anymore, big gold jewelleries, because the modern trend is to combine fabrics with gemstones and to obtain unexpected accessories. Every year during fashion weeks, famous designers promote statement fabric jewelleries, and many of them are featuring ribbon or other similar textile fabrics. The fact is that the demand of ribbon […]

Inventive ways to use ribbons

Ribbons are not only for decorating your Christmas tree or for wrapping presents, they are versatile and can be used in many other inventive ways as well. Because there are so many amazing ribbons on the market, of different patterns and numerous colours, you will be able to easily find the ribbons you desire. Look […]

How to Get the Color Back to Your Jewelry

If you want to learn how to get the color back into your jewelry, you need to know that precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are mostly affected by elements like dirt, dust, sweat, cosmetics and corrosion, but if you clean them after every wear you will prevent much of the damage that can occur.

DIY Jewelry Cleaning

There are numerous DYI jewelry cleaning recipes and treatments, but you need to see which fits which, because some jewelry is more delicate, and depending on the materials used to make it, on the design and gemstone settings, it may need special solutions or cleaners to avoid damage.

How to Keep Diamond Jewelry

Those who want to know how to keep diamond jewelry can clean it in ammonia solutions where it can soak for at least an hour, after which it can be gently brushed with a soft toothbrush under hot running water; after they’re completely dry some hours later, the diamonds are back to their sparkly self.

How to Clean Celluloid Jewelry

If you want to learn how to clean celluloid jewelry, then you own some and know how fragile, brittle and susceptible to moisture it is, and how careful you need to be in handling, wearing and storing it; make sure it is never in direct contact with water, lots of sunlight, or direct sources of heat or fire, because it is a natural fiber material that is very flammable.