Engagement rings trends that are huge right now

Finding the perfect engagement ring is overwhelming, because you have to make sure that she will totally love it. The rings is not only the symbol of your forthcoming union and love, but she will likely be wearing it for the following years. If she is a traditional woman, then you can opt for a single solitaire, because this model will always remain in trend. But, if she is a modern woman, then there are so many other options you can explore. You want the stone you choose for your lady to be stylish and to reflect her personality. You can opt for an alternative design and modern cut, because nowadays jewellery stores list on sale uncountable models of diamond engagement rings. And because there are so many models available online, you have to take the time to research, because you have to make sure that she will consider it the perfect choice. Here are some of the biggest trends of the year, when it comes to engagement rings.

Unique halos

In the last years, the halo setting was quite popular. And there is no wonder why, because this is the type of model that lasts in time. This type of ring features a row of sparkling gems that will draw attention to the big stone from the centre and it will make it look bigger. Therefore, if you want to get engaged this year, then you should take a look online to see if the online store you want to purchase the ring from has this model. You will notice that designers have brought on the market new models of unique halos, from vintage-inspired ones to intricate and geometric blinged-out stones, so the choice is up to you. Think what model your lady would like to wear, and that is the perfect one.

Coloured accents

If your future bride is a modern woman, then she may not want to wear a classic gem, and you should consider offering her a coloured one, or a ring with different shades of gold. This year the engagement rings come with a twist, instead of featuring a single colour of the stone, the designers considered more suitable to combine different shades. For example if you want to offer her a unique ring, you should consider buying a pink diamond halo or a diamond and emerald duo. A pop of colour is always amazing for this event.


If you want to buy the ring for a feminine woman, then you should take a look at the Edwardian models, because they are highly appreciated for their intricacy. For designing them there are used tons of diamonds, platinum, and coloured gemstones. In case you have special requirements the designer can ad even intricate details, so you have to decide what option she would love to wear. It does not matter if you opt for a vintage-inspired design or you want to buy a handmade one, you can be sure that the ring will captivate your lady with its distinctive charm of the era.

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