Hope Diamond

The beautiful and gorgeous Hope Diamond, known worldwide as “le Bijou du Roi” or “le Bleu du France” is a flawless blue diamond, created in the insights of the Earth 1.1 billion years ago. Among this time, someone managed to take it out, to the surface, in India. Its beautiful appearance made its price throughout time, during which it stayed in almost every continent on the world. In case you are looking forward to knowing more about this subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to see what hides behind the Hope Diamond, one of the most valuable on the world – it is all worth it!

This majestic stone, on its name the Hope Diamond was weighting back in 1988 45.52 carats, with a shape of a pigeon eye. Also, at the first sight, this mineral has a dark blue color, being filled with numerous mysteries gathered throughout time. Since it was found approximately in 1688, it had plenty of time to travel all over the world, from India to France, United Kingdom, United States and many other countries among which it has gained its name and fame. During these years, its owners managed to cut it in different shapes, from triangles to pigeon eye shapes, and so on so forth. In addition, the Hope Diamond is said to be one of the oldest diamonds ever created, raising its sentimental and financial value considerably.

Moving on to another aspect of the Hope Diamond, here we meet the superstitions it is covered by. Being such a precious stones, the drawbacks were ought to appear sooner or later, taking into account the numerous people who wished to own the Hope Diamond. One of them says that the diamond was cursed, so that any person who wears it or owns it will be covered in a trance of tragedy and sadness throughout its life. Still, there were no solid cases to prove this legend, so it turned out to be just a story for the weak of us.

These being said, there’s no wonder why the Hope Diamond is one of the most beautiful and oldest from its category. The legends regarding this specific stone were invented and said, especially to increase the diamond’s value and fame through the world – also known as marketing. From 1888, the story was spread due to a newspaper article in New Zeeland.

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