How to select the right necklace for you


There are certain pieces that should not be missing from a woman’s jewellery box. Do you know what they are? We’re talking about hoop earrings, a tennis bracelet, cocktail ring, and a necklace. The thing is that the necklace isn’t just a decorative item. No, it’s a fashion accessory that helps women express their personality. If you want to look awesome in a necklace, then you have to know how to buy one. Not that many women know how to purchase a piece of jewellery. If you’re planning to purchase online on Spartoo, then you might want to consider the following things.

Opt for a necklace length that works with your body

Have you ever bought a necklace that you adored but you never got tow wearing it? Chances are that you chose the wrong necklace length. Jewellery pieces come in several lengths and it’s important to choose the right size for your body. The length is measured in inches, which is the reason why the numbers are more often than not even. If the fashion accessory is new, then it will have the standard size. The great news is that women enjoy many standard sizes, ranging from 14 inches (collar) to 42 inches (rope). What you need to do is measure your neck circumference, just to be on the safe side.

Pay attention to your style and fashion

When making such an important jewellery purchase as a necklace, it’s essential to take into account your personal style and sense of fashion. Take a close look at your jewellery box and understand what you’re about. You can’t afford to invest in a fashion accessory that you can’t pair with the clothes you already have. It’s like buying it for nothing. It would be great if you could find a necklace that you can wear on multiple occasions. Another great thing would be for you to have the courage to choose something that is completely out of your style.

Find the necklace that is best for your body type

Who would have thought that there is a close connection between one’s body type and jewellery? Yet, there is. The decorative item is the centre of attention of your outfit and, therefore, people will be starring right at it. It’s bad if the necklace doesn’t compliment your body type. If you have features that you want to highlight, then browse the web for a statement piece. On the other hand, if you have certain areas that you would like to hide, then it’s recommended to opt for a subtle piece of jewellery.

Demand a custom necklace

You wouldn’t even believe the lengths that jewellery stores go to in order to keep customers happy. They do custom fashion accessories, on demand, of course. So, if you’re the type of person that likes to stand out from the crowd, you know what to do. Just make sure that you have the pocket for it.  Did you really think that custom pieces are cheap?  They’re not cheap, but neither are they extremely expensive.

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