Inventive ways to use ribbons

Ribbons are not only for decorating your Christmas tree or for wrapping presents, they are versatile and can be used in many other inventive ways as well. Because there are so many amazing ribbons on the market, of different patterns and numerous colours, you will be able to easily find the ribbons you desire. Look for a reliable ribbon shop and start choosing the ones you like best. After that, you can start creating. Here are some ideas on how you can use ribbons.

Ribbon jewellery

If you are one of the many women who absolutely love jewellery, then why not create them yourself? With ribbons, you can design some one-of-a-kind items that will make any outfit stand out. If you enjoy DIY projects, then use your creativity and create unique jewels. Why spend money on overpriced accessories, when it is so easy and fun to create them yourself. You can start with a simple yet fashionable pearl necklace. All you need are a few fake pearls, you can easily find at a local haberdashery and some straps of ribbons in the colour you like best. You can search for a step by step tutorial online, to be certain you are doing everything right. It is the perfect project for DIY enthusiasts. From necklaces to rings and armbands, there are so many jewellery you can create using ribbons.

Table and stool accents

Ribbons are the perfect accessory for your interior design. There are so many creative ideas you can use to make your décor brighter and joyful. You can add a ribbon accent to a stool or small table. Some pieces of ribbons and decorative thumbtacks are all that you need. Wrap the straps around the stool and table legs in a zigzag pattern and secure them with a few nail head trims. It is a simple project and anybody can do it. Coordinate the colours and patterns of the ribbons with those of the stool and table. You can also use glue if you do not have any thumbtacks around the house.

Ribbon lamp

If you have a plain white lamp in your bedroom, you can give it an entirely different appearance, just by using some rosette ribbons. Tie a few bands of ribbon around the lamp and voila, you have a brand new item in your bedroom. Start looking for a ribbon supplier that can provide you with top quality ribbons and start designing.

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