Making your own sash is really easy

Although there are many ways in which you can position the sash so as to emphasize the silhouette such as transforming it into a fancy belt, they are usually worn adorned from the shoulder to the other hip for ceremonial occasions. The sash is basically a colourful piece or ribbon which can be worn around the body and encompassed into the daily attire. In addition to this, the ribbon that is given as a gift in a ritual symbolises gratitude. The bottom line is that whatever you are planning to use the sash for, whether for transforming it into an accessory, spice up the bachelorette parties or formal occasions, it is way more fun and entertaining to make one yourself than to buy a colourless store made sash.

It’s all about the size

Taking into consideration the fact that the band of material will have to surround the waist, the ribbon has to be long enough. The biggest mistake is to cut a piece that is too short and that will not allow you to tie it into a knot or making a beautiful bow. Generally speaking, a material that is 2 yards long will be more than sufficient in order to comply with most waist sizes, however, it is recommendable to measure beginning from the top of the left shoulder till the waist. In addition to this, the width of the sash can be as long as the person desires it to be.

Working with the material

Based on the previous measurements, you will have to cut a rectangular piece of the sash roll and the interface, more precisely the side that glows, will be applied with the help of a strong adhesive and pins. Next, it is advisable to press a warm iron onto the material so as to make sure that the fabric has completely fused. The sash is usually folded in half and held in place with pins of course. The ends of the cloth need to be cut at the same time in order to obtain symmetrical edges. Only after the ends are perfectly aligned, will the sewing begin.

The lettering

The lettering that you choose can be either cursive or printed, but nevertheless you should have an accurate caption so as to not make mistakes. This is one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. Using a template can facilitate the process, but if you happen to be an artist in disguise you can try to paint something. Moreover, the lettering should be placed right in the middle of the sash.

Shiny glitter

In order to make an even bigger impression, you can apply glitter on the caption. There is no rule saying that you can’t have more than one colour and you can play with different nuances. The reason for which glitter is used is that it captures the light and thus makes the sash look more elegant and girly. Besides glitter, many people even apply gemstones.

To conclude, make sure that you sew the sash at the bottom of the hip and you will instantly feel like a princess. If necessary trim the extra material.

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