Millennium star diamond

The Millennium star diamond is worldwide renowned for its beautiful tear drop shape, as well as due to its long lasting creator. In addition, it is the second largest diamond in the world, weighting 273.15 carats that makes its appearance more valuable. Actually, the Millennium star diamond is known as being a blue diamond, one of the rarest in the world – only the red diamonds are rarer, so its high price is explained. In case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to see where the Millennium star diamond is kept – it is all worth it!

One of the main characteristics of the Millennium star diamond is its shape and size – the pear shape can be easily noticed, due to its big size that shows off not only character, but also an imposing stature. In addition, the Millennium star diamond is part of the real collection made by the Company with the same name – this collection is formed by the Allnatt, the Pumpkin, the Steinmetz Pink, the Dream Ocean, the Heart of Eternity and Moussaieff Red. All of the diamonds presented above were forming the Splendour Diamond Exhibition by 2000. From that period on, the Millennium star diamond got its price higher, paying $16.5 per 100.0 carats – make a simple addition to see what it’s the real price of the Millennium star diamond, nowadays!

Found in South Africa, the Millennium star diamond was initially a simple piece of diamond – it has gain such a beautiful and flawless shape by having gone through numerous manufacturing, so the outcome is surely one to whom an eye should be kept on. It is known the fact that diamonds rule the entire world, and the one who holds one of them, such as the Millennium star diamond can definitely say he or she has just truly lived their lives to the fullest.

These being said, there’s no wonder why the Millennium star diamond comes with such a high price, due to the fact that its value is measured in the number or blue diamonds there are on Earth. Being the second rarest diamond in the world, this one is definitely a beautiful and yet mysterious stone whose characteristics and aspects are ought to be enriching any woman’s neck, as well as her real plans for the future.

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