Mise en Dior’ Necklace

If you want to be elegant and modern, trendy and fashionable without effort, choosing clothing, accessories and jewelry from Dior will save you a lot of time and effort. Every year, Dior exceeds expectations while still being one of the most easily recognizable brands in the world. In what follows we are going to talk about Dior jewelry, particularly about the Mise en Dior’ Necklace collection. We say collection because over the years Dior has created various necklaces under this name, usually with pearl clusters as the main attraction of the pieces.

The Mise en Dior’ Necklace can have either white or bluish-black pearls. One of our favorite models is made from 18 carat yellow gold and its foundation is made from large and thick chain links that are adorned with grosgrain and black and golden velvet ribbon embroidered with metal chains. The front part of the necklace features a cluster of pearl beads fixed in metal sheaths. The other version is exactly the same only it features those bluish-black pearls we were mentioning, which makes it look like the night-time version of the necklace.

When it comes to luxury jewelry, Dior has enough Aces up its sleeves, and their recognizable statement accessories are coveted by women everywhere. Thus, the Mise en Dior’ Necklace is truly a striking and dramatic jewelry that is best worn with elegant dresses, but which can also become a power statement for bold businesswomen. Nevertheless, if the models described above seem too exaggerated, there are also other versions in the collection that can be worn more casually, even daily with any outfit.

The fact is that the above mentioned necklaces have a large cluster of pearls, which make them elegant and a bit pretentious. However, there is also a Mise en Dior’ Necklace with fewer pearls; the triple-row necklace is thinner and lighter and perhaps some women will prefer this more delicate model. There are also two long necklaces in this line, both made from yellow gold with pearls. The first is made from a simple thin gold chain with four pearls set randomly on it. The second Mise en Dior’ Necklace is made from larger and thicker chain links that have pearl settings scattered all over them, together with CH initials representing the brand. All in all, like we mentioned above, Dior always manages to satisfy every woman with versatile and interesting collections.

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