Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace

If you’re looking for a versatile necklace that you can wear both with casual outfits and with elegant dresses, the Bvlgari Monete Sautoir Necklace is the perfect choice, because it is delicate but striking, and it can be matched to shirt and pant outfits, and to elegant black dresses for cocktail parties.

The Hall Sapphire Necklace

Nowadays, keeping an eye on some of the most valuable and stunning stones our Earth provided is with is a must if you are looking for a long lasting investment. There’s no wonder why their prices go higher and higher as days go by, and The Hall Sapphire Necklace makes no exception!

Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace

The Chanel Camélia Sautoir Necklace is an interesting and versatile accessory made entirely from 18 carat yellow gold; it features a very dramatic design with gold rings of various sizes and two-dimensional rose representations that are linked together randomly to create an indolent but sensual image.

Krupp diamond

Throughout time, what was said to be simple stones turned out to be a serious fortune for the ones to own them. Diamonds are exactly what we are talking about, and the Krupp diamond makes no exception. Keep on reading to see its raising over time, and the outcome we can easily see today!

The Heart of the Ocean

In the film Titanic, we find out that Rose had kept the Heart of the Ocean diamond a secret all her life, when everyone thought it had disappeared in the wreck; nevertheless, at the end of the movie, she throws it into the ocean, over the wreck of the ship, saying goodbye to all the painful memories that had followed her all her life.

The Star of Africa Diamond

It is worldwide known the fact that diamonds and forever, the reason for which they are so famous through women. One of them is the undeniable star of Africa Diamond, a beautiful and yet expensive mineral to which we are ought to be keeping an eye on and look into its great history.

The Archduke Joseph Diamond

Nowadays, it is said that diamonds are forever – and the Archduke Joseph diamond makes no exception. Instead, it keep the rule strong and shows off its greatness throughout some of the most famous years – keep on reading the lines below to see what we are talking about, in just a matter of seconds!

Theodoros Ceylon sapphire ring

Nowadays, jewelries are some of the most influential things people could have ever interfered with. In this case, looking for the best ones of them is a must – and the Theodoros Ceylon sapphire ring makes no exception! Keep on reading to find more about this majestic creation!

Taylor Burton Diamond

Over time, some of the greatest stones throughout history managed to become worldwide renowned, as well as highly wanted minerals. The Taylor Burton Diamond is one of them, whose long lasting reputation gave it the name of the first million dollar mineral!

Millennium star diamond

Nowadays, diamonds are said to be lasting forever – there’s no wonder why, since they are the hardest stones we have ever meet with. The Millennium star diamond makes no exception, so make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to see what its name is all about!

Caresse d’orchidées par Cartier Ring

Nowadays, it is said that jewelries are the ones to make a woman more beautiful than she actually is. Well, whether or not we agree with the statement, one thing is a fact – all women like jewelries, and the Caresse d’orchidées par Cartier ring makes not a single exception to the rule!

C heart of Cartier ring

Nowadays, jewelries are a woman’s best friend. There’s no doubt the statement is real, since every woman enjoys receiving them, anytime in their lives. The C heart of Cartier ring is not an exception, so let’s keep an eye on the following lines to see what it is all about – as well as why it should be bought!

Hope Diamond

It is said that diamonds are forever – is it a real statement? Well, apparently, the Hope Diamond is a living proof – created in the deep Earth almost 1.1 billion years ago, there’s no wonder why it comes with such a fame and high price, becoming one stone over which to keep an eye on!

Elise dray dragon mono earring

Nowadays, accessories play a major role in a woman’s appearance. There’s no wonder why so many of us are looking to be beautiful at any time of the day, and earrings are surely some to pay lots of money for – and the Elise dray dragon mono earring makes no exception from the rule!

Fernando Jorge electric chic ring

Nowadays, jewelries are some of the most important accessories to look for, anytime and any where. There’s no wonder why, though, since they always add a touch of elegance and good taste to any outfit – and the Fernando Jorge electric chic ring makes no exception to the rule!

Jade Jagger Victorian ring

These days, accessories seem to play a major role in a woman’s outfit. There’s no wonder why, though, since all of us want to look good, and any additional aspects of this statement are easy to cope with – and the Jade Jagger Victorian ring surely makes no exception to the historical rule!

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