Carolina Bucci Tropicalia Pavé cherry ring

Nowadays, having a beautiful and funny accessory on you is an easy way to start your morning with a happy and optimistic thought. Every time seeing it, you will just have put a smile on your face, and the Carolina Bucci Tropicalia Pavé cherry ring is exactly what it does, to help you!

Asprey Protector Earrings Black Diamond

Nowadays, diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friends – and that’s quite how the thing goes. The Asprey Protector Earrings, Black Diamond are some of the most beautiful earring paves with diamonds from all over time, so make sure to keep an eye on them from once in a while!

The Peregrina Pearl

Nowadays, some of the most important minerals from all time are known to be the pearls – and there’s no wonder why, since they are extremely hard to be taken out from water, as well as finding them. The Peregrina Pearl makes no exception, reason why it comes with an impressive history!

Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine

The Asprey Windsor Necklace Aquamarine was inspired by the imperial-like gates of the Windsor Palace, so the links that keep it together resemble architectural elements; in fact, with its quadratic amethysts and the pave diamonds, this luxury accessory almost has a sculptural feel to it.

How to Clean Celluloid Jewelry

If you want to learn how to clean celluloid jewelry, then you own some and know how fragile, brittle and susceptible to moisture it is, and how careful you need to be in handling, wearing and storing it; make sure it is never in direct contact with water, lots of sunlight, or direct sources of heat or fire, because it is a natural fiber material that is very flammable.

High Quality Earrings

High quality earrings can be purchased online as well, from specialized websites which are dedicated to bringing you elegant diamond jewelry at reasonable prices; these can be a great solution when you don’t have time to go shopping but are in dire need of new sets of jewelry for special events.

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