Taylor Burton Diamond

Found in South Africa, back in 1966 in the Premiere Mine, the Taylor Burton Diamond is a famous yet extremely secured stone whose history is more than impressive. The first shape it got after the discovery was a simple pear, still one to whom everyone kept an eye on and whose attention was redirected to it. There’s no wonder why though, thinking at the gorgeous and flawless appearance the stone comes with. In case you are looking forward to knowing more about its great history, as well as the person who is actually owning it, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines – it is all worth it!

The first owner of the great Taylor Burton Diamond was Harriet Annenberg Ames, who sold it for the impressive sum of $1,050,000 to the owner of the worldwide renowned Cartier brand. At that time, the diamond was cut and shaped in different appearances, finally being put in a wonderful necklace of the Cartier brand. Through that period, the Taylor Burton Diamond was known as the Cartier Diamond, but before starting to wonder why it got such a high price, it is utterly important to know the fact that it was raised, being finally sold to the today’s owner known as Robert Mouawad. As well as the other owners, he managed to cut and shape the Taylor Burton Diamond in the pieces he wanted.

If you are wondering why the price of the Taylor Burton Diamond is so high, well, the answer is extremely simple – its attributes and advantages are known everywhere in the world – durability, long lasting impeccable appearance and real value. Those three characteristics have turned the Taylor Burton Diamond into a real fortune, something all of wish would like to own at least once in a lifetime.

These being said, there’s no wonder why the Taylor Burton Diamond is a flawless stone used not only for providing any owner with value, but also for making a great investment which, throughout time, will definitely pay off. Its great advantages may be a work of a lifetime, but undoubtedly one to be recognized and noted to so many of our future descents. If you are looking forward to purchase it and be its new owner, as well as remaining in history of being the ambitious owner of the Taylor Burton Diamond, make sure to hear sir Robert Mouawad’s opinion!

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