The Heart of the Ocean

The Heart of the Ocean was the name of a fictional diamond that had a major role for story development in the film Titanic¸ in 1997. The diamond, also known as Le Coeur de la Mer, was a big, blue diamond shaped like a heart. In the film, the diamond’s story was that it had been originally owned by French king Louis XVI, who had it cut in the shape of a heart after the French Revolution had ended. Actor Billy Zane’s character, Caledon Hockley, is the prosperous son of a steel tycoon from Pittsburg, and he purchases this spectacular diamond for his fiancée, played in the movie by actress Kate Winslet.

The story of the Heart of the Ocean was probably inspired by a real diamond, called the Hope Diamond, which is also deep-blue and weighs 45.53 carats. It has been dubbed as “the most famous diamond in the world” and it has a long and complicated history, but it only resembles the story in Titanic from 1678, when it was owned by Louis XIV, who had it recut and placed on the Royal Crown. As most of you know, the movie begins with a team of treasure hunters who want to discover the long-lost Titanic, but especially the blue diamond they had seen in a nude portrait made on the ship.

It is of course, the portrait of Rose, who lays nude, wearing only the Heart of the Ocean around her neck, and the drawing is made by Jack Dawson, the man she falls in love with on the Titanic and who was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. When she finds out about the treasure hunt, the now very old Rose, contacts the team and then arrives at their location on the ocean, where she relates the story of Titanic and of her love for Jack. This is how we find out that after the portrait had been made, Jack is found by Caledon’s butler, and then by Caledon himself, to be wearing a stolen jacket which helped him sneak into first class and that the diamond was in one of its pockets.

Jack is accused of having stolen the Heart of the Ocean, and when the Titanic starts sinking, Caledon places the jacket on Rose, forgetting it contained the necklace. Thus it is revealed that Rose had kept the diamond all those years, as a reminder, but the film ends with her throwing it overboard, in the deep waters of the ocean.

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