The Importance of Packaging & Branding in Marketing

Packaging and branding are two of the most important things in marketing. If you own a company, you should prioritize good-quality packaging, as this will determine your business’s personality, help you attract new customers, and keep loyal your existing ones. In a competitive market, packaging represents an important aspect for businesses. It’s the best opportunity to “wow” your clients. Providing a great unboxing experience to your customers is essential to make a good impression and show them that you care about your brand’s image. You can do it in even smaller, but impressive gestures, such as giving them a thank you card, or designing an eye-catching exterior of the package.

Why is it important?

Generally, customers are drawn to products that look great. A package that is well-designed with an interesting look attracts more customers, rather than a package that is poorly made. A person is much more tempted to buy a product that it’s nicely packed, so as a business owner, you should focus more on your shipping boxes. It’s also the key part in marketing, which ensures your sales.

Where to begin?

A good design should always reflect the creativity and image of a brand. However, keep in mind that the packaging should look appealing, not overcrowded with all kinds of unnecessary stickers or drawings. There is science behind a good package design – from the materials that are used, to the shape and functionality. From the many things you should consider when designing a package, it’s important to remember that it all should come down to the protection it offers to the products inside the package. There’s literally no reason to create an amazing package if it offers zero protection to the products. For this reason, you should consider using forseglingstape to secure the package before it’s sent to its destination.

How to make the perfect packaging design

There are many studies that show us the importance of packaging design, and if something was proven, that simplicity wins. What do people want more than anything? To assimilate information quickly and easily. Attracting the attention of the customers with an elegant and secure packaging is essential, but it’s clear that securing your products with sikkerhetstape is also important. Your business wants people to buy your products, not your competitor’s. So, give your products traceability. Let’s say you have a company specialized in selling fish. Then you should consider labeling every fish so that your clients know what they’re purchasing. Merking av fisk means that every product will have a tag printed with the date, QR code, photo, and numbering to provide consumers with all the information needed.

What customers want

Other than a good-quality design, authenticity and simplicity. In other terms, customers want to know what they’re buying, so labeling the products is clearly essential. To do that, companies must ensure that packaging looks trustworthy. This step can be achieved by making sure that the packaging is made of the best quality materials in the market. Good packaging also reflects the company’s personality. Clients like to associate products with something nice and positive, so the packaging design should reflect that idea.

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