The ribbon jewelry trend

The rising price of gold and silver has influenced jewelry making, because women have started to look for cheaper alternatives and top manufacturers have responded by focusing on using more affordable materials without compromising quality. This is one of the reasons why ribbon jewelry has become trendy the last seasons and this season as well. Big jewelry brands and fashion designers have started using a combination between cheap and expensive materials not only to lower the price of their products, but also because of the interesting effect combining satin ribbons with gold and silver produces. Women can also create their own jewelry at home, because you can easily find bracelet and necklace elements as well as satin ribbons for sale online. Ribbons are used with success to create all kinds of jewelry pieces, including large statement rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The ribbon jewelry trend is here to stay, according to fashion specialists, because the pieces are feminine and flattering, not to mention that they showcase the beauty of the wearer in the most creative ways.

Ribbon necklaces

Statement jewelry with beads and heavy metals has definitely made a statement in the past few years. At the moment, the trend is shifting towards replacing materials with ribbons or combining them to create light jewelry. The bold effect of colorful satin ribbons is perfect for the statement trend, not to mention that this type of product is generally cheaper. You can find satin ribbons for sale at every corner and create your own statement necklace, not to mention that home hobbyists have also started to sell their home made jewelry very cheaply, so manufacturers are lowering the prices to ensure they will keep customers interested. While statement ribbon necklaces are a thing right now, placing a gold or silver pendant on a ribbon string is also a popular practice. Women are delighted that they can match their favorite pendants with their outfits, because one can simply chance the ribbon to create a new jewelry piece.


Vintage ribbon bracelets

The vintage look is a trend that is not likely to disappear any time soon. Whether we talk about furniture, clothing or jewelry, keeping an eye out for vintage pieces is a great idea. The worn and torn ribbon bracelets give a mysterious look, provided that you know how to wear them. You can find discolored ribbons at specialized stores, but make sure that you will have an outfit that will fit and complete the look. You can check out fashion magazines to see how fashion specialists recommend wearing vintage jewelry. Since it is a bold fashion statement, you will need to pay great attention to detail when purchasing or making a vintage ribbon bracelet. The whole vintage look is difficult to recreate, but you can also use the bracelet as a central piece. You will not need to worry about the effect, because the modern minimalist look with glimpses of vintage is also trendy at the moment. Put on the clothes you usually wear and see what bracelet creates the best impact.

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