These Are The Most Expensive Brands You Have Ever Heard Of


Luxury is one way to express yourself, and it is often correlated with happiness, beauty, and style. The indispensable elements of luxury in today’s world are diverse and they highly depend on one’s way to perceive life entirely. In the past, luxury was used to emphasize social status and fortune, while today is a self-expression, mostly correlated with quality. Luxury is the freedom to live your life the way you desire, and this is the main reason why the biggest brands out there are trying to offer individualism and unicity to the large public. This article is going to present a series of luxury brands that left a mark on the entire fashion history. The details included in these descriptions are surely going to convince you of their inestimable value.

Tiffany & Co

What fashion lover is not familiar with the tiny silver-plated azure box at Tiffany & Co? This luxury brand is the definition of delicately cut diamonds and precious jewels. Since the very first shop launched in New York, Tiffany & Co impressed people with its luxuriance and elegance. This brand writes history through the jewelry it is selling. No matter you are thinking of sapphire, opal, demantoid, tourmaline or any other deluxe material, it is surely available at Tiffany’s. This brand brought an entirely new trend among the jewelry industry and maintained its value through the years.


Thomas Burberry was an innovator and a person to look up to in the fashion world. Not being pleased with the heavyweight materials of the time he lived in, Burberry decided to invent a whole new fabric made of nylon and cotton to perfectly suit his future ideas. That’s how gabardine was born. You might now the famous print that made Burberry the luxury brand that it is today: a plaid print with red, black and white shades, firstly introduced as a trench collection. The acclaimed print extended to umbrellas, the well-known Burberry scarves, and even suitcases.

Florian Helier

Not many people know about Florian Helier, but this brand’s amplitude is comparable to the brands already mentioned. Lavishness is all about quality and grandeur, two elements that Florian Helier manages to offer to the large public. Like any other respected luxury company, at Florian Helier, one can find limited edition products, created from the finest materials available out there. Living the luxury life surely depends on their exquisite products, the result of attentive processes that take place in their exclusive design atelier.


Hermes can be considered the synonym of luxury. It is one brand that’s recognized in all the corners of the world for elegance, its attention to detail and impeccable quality. Hermes is a fashion house whose passage through time only accentuated its prominence in the industry and its popularity. A true fashion lover will surely recognize a Birkin bag when he sees it. The illustrious bag was named after Jane Birkin, who once stated that she couldn’t find a bag to fit all her needs and expectations. Hermes made that possible.

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