Trendy accessories for a modern woman

Nowadays women do not wear anymore, big gold jewelleries, because the modern trend is to combine fabrics with gemstones and to obtain unexpected accessories. Every year during fashion weeks, famous designers promote statement fabric jewelleries, and many of them are featuring ribbon or other similar textile fabrics. The fact is that the demand of ribbon in bulk is increasing every year, because accessories manufacturers used it widely when they create their products. Here are some accessories and jewelleries, which will help you, become a fashion trendsetter.

Ribbons and pearls

You might think that pearls are your grandma’s favourites, but you have to know that these jewelleries are a must for every modern woman, because they will transform your looks from simple to stylish ones. You can create the necklace by your own, because there are available on the market many types and sizes of ribbons. For a modern look, you can combine pearls of different sizes, and depending on the colour of your clothes, you can choose a nude or black ribbon to gather them together into a necklace. Other option would be to use multiple strands of ivory pearls, to twist them and to knot their sides with a black ribbon tie. In case you want to combine the pearls with the ribbon, because you do not want your necklace to look like being made from two separate parts, you can create some loops from the ribbon, and insert pearls through them.

Ribbons and metallic fabrics

A big trend of the moment are the metallic fabrics, which can be easily transformed into bold accessories. In case you wear often black clothes you should purchase black ribbon and wrap on its below half, golden fabric. It will be lighter than if you would wear a gold metal necklace, but will achieve the same look of richness and sophistication. Instead of using a metallic fabric, you can buy a gold or silver chain and get the ribbon through the chain’s mails. In addition, you have the option to use encrusted floral pendants as the lower part of the necklace, and to tie it on the back with a strap of ribbon. You might have noticed on the market that many designers promoted the coin statement necklace trend, which is quite easy to craft. You only have to buy some silver or golden coins from the haberdashery and hang them on a piece of ribbon.

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