What Are The Most Effective Healing Stones?

If you have never used a healing crystal before, then you are shortchanging yourself.  It is probably not your fault anyway; maybe it is because you do not know much about them.  This write-up is put together to cure you of that surprising ignorance about healing stones. By the time you finish reading this, you would have learned about what he healing stones can do and also know about the most effective among them. 

What is the purpose?

As the name implies, healing stones have healing powers.  They can be used in treating individuals and also elevating energy systems.  Studies have shown that they can equally help with addiction recovery.    The healing stones can be placed around the body and this will help to extract all negative energies in the body.  It can replace medical techniques and have found to be better because it is not associated with any side effect whatsoever.

The most effective healing stones

 These tips from Jonny the healer will help you to identify the most effective healing stones around

  • Amethyst: It is a crystal capable of curing drunkenness and hangovers.  You can also connect to your spirituality through this stone. What is more, it can improve your psychic ability.  If your zodiac sign is any of Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo or Pisces, you will find this healing stone to be highly effective
  • Rose Quartz: It is also a very effective healing stone. Some also call it the “love crystal” due to its effect. Studies show that it can connect you with love and help to maintain your love relationship.  If you want to protect your love relationship, then you will find this healing stone to be effective for that purpose.  Are you disappointed or pain due to a broken relationship? You can find help with the Rose Quartz also.  It can work perfectly for you if your zodiac sign is any of Taurus or Libra.
  • Iron Pyrite: This is yet another highly effective healing stone. You can use the healing stone in fending off physical danger or negative energy.  it can equally activate your memory and intellect better than ever. It can work perfectly for you if your zodiac sign is Leo


Amethyst can help with addiction recovery aside the other things mentioned above. These tips from Johnny the healer give above would have enlightened you about the various healing stones and how they can make your life better. The earlier you started benefiting from using them the better.    

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