Why you should consider buying synthetic diamonds

It is generally agreed that diamonds can be quite expensive and when it comes to those extremely rare stones, they can cost a fortune. Not everyone can afford buying natural diamonds, so in case you intend to buy an engagement ring for your partner and propose to him or her, you can consider selecting a synthetic diamond ring. There are numerous online stores where you can find natural and lab-grown diamond rings, and http://www.diamondconciergeuk.com/ is only one good example. Here are the main advantages of buying synthetic diamonds.

The price

As it was previously mentioned, natural diamonds can be very expensive and not everyone can afford paying large sums of money on them. Compared to these stones, man-made diamonds are far less expensive, which makes them more accessible. These stones can cost up to 50% less compared to their natural equivalents, which is the exact difference most people wish for when it comes to buying such stones.  Being able to buy a diamond that looks great and that manages to attract everyone’s attention when entering the room is exactly what some women are looking for.

The quality

Another reason why it is better to purchase synthetic diamonds is related to their quality. It is commonly known that the value of a natural diamond is determined by its lack of colour, its cut grade, its clarity grade and its weight. Flawless and colourless natural diamonds are quite rare, not to mention that they are also very expensive. Lab-grown diamonds on the other hand are made from perfect pieces of other diamonds, which means they have fewer flaws compared to the natural stones. This is definitely a great advantage that people should take into account. You should know that it could be quite difficult to differentiate a lab-grown diamond from a natural one, and most of the time it is only the professional jewellers that can make the difference.

It is safer

It is generally known that over the years, many wars started because of diamonds and some of those diamonds exist even today, whereas man-made diamonds considered conflict-free. What is more, since synthetic stones are less expensive, you might not feel so angry or sorry about them in case you lose them or someone steals them from you, because the loss is not as significant as it would be in the case of a natural diamond.

What to consider

The first and most important thing you have to keep in mind after deciding to purchase a synthetic diamond instead of a natural one is that synthetic does not mean imitation. Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical characteristics and settings as the real stone. It is worth mentioning that there are certain limitations in choosing these diamonds instead of their natural equivalent, and one of these limitations refers to the diamond’s colour. This means that there are fewer colours available from which to choose compared to the natural diamond market, not to mention that there are not many options when it comes to carat either.

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